The Unusual is a network of creators spanning the globe, working on cutting edge projects aimed at bringing creativity to a wider audience, through publications, exhibitions and campaigns.

The Founders


Tanya Wilson

Global PR & Comms Manager

With a solid foundation in PR and media relations and a deep understanding of branding, experience design and content creation, Tanya is able to bridge creative and commercial sensibilities.
Originally from UK, Tanya has been in Asia for the last 14 years, building a network of creative visionaries and running global campaigns that infiltrate culture and build communities.
Currently working with partners in the educational space to grow our KIDS communication project Eyeyah! delivering cutting-edge creativity to school children. 


Steve Lawler

Curator & Creative Director

20 years experience as a digital creative, Steve has been working with institutions, galleries, brands and governments to create platforms for young artists to connect with new audiences, interested in art for educational tools and problem solving.
Born in Iran and raised Hong Kong and educated in Europe, he attended the prestigious FABRICA school in Italy, Benetton’s centre for communication. After landing his first job working for Diesel, creating their rebellious and experimental web presence, he was then transferred to Ogilvy Interactive Singapore where he refined the skills of advertising which prepared him for his current trajectory of blending art and communication.

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© The Unusual Network 2019