Over the last 20 years we have pioneered 'Artvertising'. The bringing together of artists and creators with brands and institutions to create stunning visual projects across a wide range of mediums. With a sharp knowledge of contemporary art, graphic design and  cutting-edge visual culture, we are well placed to connect and curate artists to brands and vice-versa.

Artist Network

With a diverse global network of over 1000 artists, we have curated and commissioned artwork for brands, agencies and institutions. We help conceive and execute experiences both digital and physical. Some of our clients range from non-profit organisations to large global brands.

Digital Design

With expertise in web design, app creation, digital campaigns & moving image, we strive to create Unusual content that is amplified through PR and marketing.

Experience Design

We conceptualise and organize exhibitions both large and small scale. This includes non-commercial, culturally relevant exhibitions such as GIF FEST to stay in touch with our network and uncover talent who do not work in the commercial sphere. This is where we get our inspiration, our ideas and our motivation to stay fresh.


Artists, Creatives, Designers and Animators. We love what they do, and what they have the potential to do. We want to show them off, connect them to new audiences and get them commissions. We publish a design magazine for young people called EYEYAH! And were the creators of KULT magazine in the past.

Talent Procurement

We help identify freelance design specialists and connect them with organisations who need talent on demand. Assisting companies such as Accenture Interactive, Facebook and HP.

Get involved

We are constantly looking for spaces, publications, companies or patrons to distribute and showcase new forms of art. Please feel free to drop us a line or join or mailing list to stay up to date on our future projects.



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