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Visual Culture

Creativity can seem like an elusive force, difficult to conjure at will, but capable of leading to life-changing scientific and business breakthroughs.

The Unusual Podcast was born out of 20 years of experience working in the creative industry. From running a creative agency, an art gallery, to curating exhibitions and experiences. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with designers, street artists, animators, and creative technologists from all over the world. Despite coming from different backgrounds, I’ve found traits that unify these talented creative thinkers. Keen observation, empathy, curiosity, and playfulness.

The creative community is on the cutting-edge of trends and new technologies. This collection highlights a generation of experience designers, visual communicators, and technologists who are breaking boundaries and defining new job scopes and industries.

Creativity is one of the key skills for the future. This podcast aims to demystify creativity and inspire practical tips for anyone interested in nurturing creative thinking and innovation or working in the creative industries.

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